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Genre : Drama Durée : 25 min 2 saisons 17 épisodes



L'adaptation américaine de la série norvégienne du même nom.

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S02E10 Episode 10
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Episode Titre Date de diffusion
S01E01 Asking god to make you a loser 27/04/2018
S01E02 Coolness is a private club 04/05/2018
S01E03 They can smell fear 11/05/2018
S01E04 Ready to lose your virginity? 18/05/2018
S01E05 Where did all the tolerable people go 25/05/2018
S01E06 They all need to hear this 01/06/2018
S01E07 It was never gonna be ok 08/06/2018
S01E08 We will break through 15/06/2018

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